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What is tornasol energy

What is Tornasol?

In our series of reviews of other companies selling plug & play solar kits in Spain, today we are checking out Tornasol. We previously discussed Solarlab, Leroy Merlin, BricoDepot, Solar360 and Blubat.

Who is Tornasol?

Tornasol Energy is a company based in Valencia, founded by two young entrepreneurs in 2021. Tornasol started selling plug & play solar kits with flexible solar panels, very similar to our Robinsun Light, but from another solar panel brand initially. For the first 1,5 years the product range didn’t change a lot. In 2023, after Robinsun entered the market, Tornasol started copying us on several fronts. First, they basically took our first version of the Savings Calculator page and published it by just changing the color from yellow to green. We took this as a compliment. After Robinsun launched Zendure Solar Batteries to complement our plug & play solar kits, Tornasol started selling the same. At some point Tornasol changed their solar panels for the exact same Sunman model we were using.
[Addition from 19.05.2024: as of this weekend Tornasol has also copied our entire website and our Robinsun Performance kit, using the exact same QN Solar panels and Tsun micro inverters. It is hilarious to see how even Tornasol’s unboxing video has apparently been filmed using a kit bought from Robinsun, with our exact same components. Even the garden table they use in the video is almost identical to the one we used in our unboxing video in 2023. At this point Tornasol gains the copycat prize of the year for 2023 and 2024! 🤣🤣🤣]

Are Tornasol kits a good option?

Tornasol’s plug & play solar kits use one or two flexible, ultralight solar panels. They use the same Sunman 310 Wp model we use for our Robinsun Light. The difference between Tornasol and Robinsun Light kits is the micro inverter. Tornasol uses Envertech, Robinsun uses Tsun. Envertech microinverters come in 300 W and 560 W versions and cannot be directly connected to the home WiFi. Tornasol offers a Shelly plug to measure the kit’s production. Tsun microinverters come in 300 W and 600 W and can be directly connected to the home WiFi, allowing you to measure the production of your kit directly from the micro inverter data. Having also tested Evertech micro inverters extensively in the past, we know the quality is decent, but they are heavier, bigger and aesthetically not as elegant as Tsun micro inverters.

[Addition from 19.05.2024: Tornasol is now also offering a plug & play solar kit that is very similar to our Robinsun Performance. Even their unboxing video is surprisingly similar to ours, and likely done with a Robinsun solar kit.]


Tornasol kits are very similar to Robinsun’s Light kits. The main difference between Tornasol and us is our focus on innovation, using the latest technology in solar energy and constantly innovating to give our customers the most affordable solar energy solutions for their home. Our recommendation: innovate don’t imitate. Buy from the most innovative plug & play solar kit company on the market: Robinsun.


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