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How to convert your garden into a solar garden

The advent of plug & play solar kits has triggered a lot of creativity in households eager to reduce their power bills. In our daily customer conversations we keep discovering new ways to install solar panels and make them work for you. A very popular place to install solar panels is the garden, that usually offers many places that allow for good irradiation of the solar panels without obstruction by shade.

Where to install solar panels in your garden?

When looking for a good location to install solar panels in your garden, the main criteria is to find a place with a lot of sunshine and no shade, for example from trees or other buildings. If you install your panels on the ground, our 20 degree mount is a very easy and convenient option to install your plug & play solar kit in minutes, as the video below shows.

Often gardens feature other construction that offers surfaces that are also good to install solar panels, like little garden houses or sheds. These have the advantage that they panels get installed further up, increasing the probability of unhindered sunshine hours.

Another advantage of gardens is that there is usually a safe Schuko socket for outdoor use somewhere nearby, that allows one to easily plug in the solar kit. The 5m cable included in our solar kits is usually long enough for a safe direct connection.

What makes a garden installation so productive?

Installing your plug & play solar kit in your garden makes installation very easy, as you can see in the video. A single person can conveniently install a Robinsun Performance 800 kit with two solar panels in half an hour, and position it in the optimal way.

Also, compared to for example a balcony railing or a wall, installing on a lawn allows your solar panels to be positioned in an angle that increases productivity a lot. In the infographic below you can see how much a good angle of your solar panel impacts productivity. Installation on a flat surface like a lawn or veranda is easy, stable, safe and most of all very productive due to the angle of your solar panels.

Production of a solar kit by angle

Additionally, if the kit is positioned on a light surface, that can reflect sunshine, the bifacial solar panels used in our solar kits will be even more productive, as they produce also with indirect irradiation from the back of the panel.

High levels of productivity during long sunshine hours increase the yearly production of your kit, allowing for a payback of the already low price of a kit in under 2 years in Southern Europe and under 4 years further to the north. Considering the 30 year production warranty of the solar panels, due to their advanced TOPCon technology and N-Type cells, this leaves you with many years of free, fully renewable solar energy to enjoy.


In essence, a garden is a great location to install your plug & play solar kit, offering you many possibilities. It is also among the easiest locations to install the kit yourself, without the help of an installer or electrician. The likely presence of an outdoor socket makes a solar kit plug & play, quite literally, as from the moment you plug it in your kit will produce solar energy for you, every time the sun hits the solar panels. This 100% renewable, clean energy is the first one your household appliances will use, lowering or eliminating your consumption of grid energy. This makes you save on your power bills, and decrease the amount of electricity generated in full or in part with fossil fuels. With your plug & play solar kit, you save the planet and your wallet at the same time.

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